Empty Love

May 5, 2018

August 20, 2003

What is the purpose of me telling you that I love you

For you to stand there empty with no meaning and no love to return

Is it because I know you more than I love me


Because I know there is something there you’re hiding

Waiting for me to find

Because you’re searching for the truth in me

Searching for something beyond skin deep

If you find it

You’ll be turned upside down

Because I’m independent

And my love don’t quit

My love is beautiful

Excepting will show you why the wind blows

Why fire burns

Why water is wet

ANd why nature wild

My love is peace and true

It’s healing

It’ll rescue you

From all the hurt

From all danger

Let go and get these kodak moments

Every smile and laugh can be yours

Every thought, good or bad

I want you to hold in your heart

See the ocean in my eyes

Magical moments

As the sun rises and the moon sets

You're in my arms

The touch is right

But the feelings wrong cause you could care less

I’m the last on your list


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