Pray About It

April 21, 2018


Before you become discouraged with the title, I challenge you to consider “what prayer means without action?” No, this is not an attack on Christianity, or any other religion. But if you are like me, you may have found yourself in a difficult time or situation and for whatever reason felt compelled to share your experience with someone else. Perhaps you wanted guidance, someone to just listen, or even closure on a past hurt. Whatever the reason, I have found this type of feedback to be the least helpful. I am by no means suggesting there is no power in prayer. I am, however, suggesting  there is value behind analyzing the events that often lead up to certain hardships and exploring ways to change how you contribute where you are. If you want meaningful and real change to happen in your life, you must be deliberate about how you approach the desired change. In other words, it does you no good to pray about getting your finances in order but continue to go to the casino in hopes to hit it big…. just saying.


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