Levels of Recognition



Once a Cub, always a Cub!

Our alumni are those individuals that have excelled and been recognized by the foundation. They have earned the platinum shield as a young adult and now accept their role in paying it forward, through mentorship and love.



We recognize our platinum cubs for their dedication to academic, athletic and social contributions. These cubs don’t conform to social norms but instead, create their own space of excellence and lead the pack. They are goal setting, adaptive cubs that don’t submit to fear. They set their goals high and work hard in every area of their lives.



The gold shield is presented to cubs for their dedication to two of our three significant pillars of excellence. For those that strive to create and better community while demonstrating academic merit or takes an active role in other organizations while seeking development through athletics.



We recognize our silver member as those cubs that demonstrate an unwavering commitment to one of the three pillars of excellence.

The Primitive Recharge Foundation, Inc. has the honor of connecting with cubs all over the United States and soon globally. We make a conscious effort to connect with these individuals and shine a light on them. Our goal is to provide them with the tools they need to reach higher heights.


We understand that each cub evolves at different points in their life and for this reason, we have created four levels of recognition for our cubs. Each level comes with notoriety and other gifts. Our cubs are forever connected and have opportunities to collaborate and set goals for the future.


We are a pride, tightly net and highly social in nature.


Through nature and wildlife experiences the cub will plan and organize events that will teach them organization, build self-confidence, develop self-awareness and cultivate leadership excellence. The Cubs have four primary groups in which they learn.  These groups are divided into based on age and sex.  Females age 11-14 are classified as Mtoto, Females 15-18 are classified as Kijana. Males 11-14 are classified as Kuamua. Males 15-18 are classified as Shujaa.


Every cub has an extensive role to play in their community while striving for academic excellence and athleticism. There is no cub that doesn't know their purpose or isn’t striving to learn it. 

Cubs are recognized on three different levels. 


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