Shannon Marie

“Choose Joy!”


Most Likely To Succeed at Marietta High School (Senior Superlatives) 2018

America Business Achievement Award (Highest Level of Achievement in Future Business Leaders of America) 2018

Full Scholarship Recipient to the Georgia Dance Conservatory 2017-2018

Army Marketing and Research Group Certificate of Excellence (Harvey Foundation) 2017

University of Georgia and Governor’s Certificate of Merit 2017

This Cub is Recharged!

Born and raised in Atlanta!!!! Yes, she is a proud Georgia Peach!  She currently attends Marietta High School as an AP and Partial IB student in the top five percent of her class. She is actively involved in Future Business Leaders of America (President), Marietta Dance Ensemble (Captain), National Beta Club (Member), and Fellowship of Christian Athletes (Member). 


If that wasn't enough, she has a deep interest and passion for cooking healthy and dancing. After graduation, she will be off to do great and wonderful things at Agnes Scott College in the fall of 2018 with a double major in Creative Writing and Women’s Studies. She aspires to creatively communicate words of wisdom to women across the globe and am on a mission to build a new generation of women who celebrate their beauty, acknowledge their worth, and live in their truth.


She believes every woman needs a support group of strong women that will help her prosper personally and professionally.  Being a part of that support system for women is her greatest aspiration. As the director of LOVE YOURSELF: A Women’s Empowerment Short Dance Film and the Creator/Writer of Woman to Woman, an inspirational women’s empowerment blog, she believes that a new generation of women is on the horizon and we stand with her.


Shannon has a remarkable vision for her life.

Within the next five years, she plans to have completed undergraduate school, have a larger following on her inspirational blog, and attending The Women’s March. In ten years, her plan is to have obtained her master’s degree, written at least two books, and participated in at least one mission trip in a foreign country.  In being creative, intentional, enthusiastic, and kind, she hopes to be a trailblazer leading the way toward the progression of humanity through a life of service.

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Creative Works:

LOVE YOURSELF: A Women’s Empowerment 

​Woman to Woman: Inspirational Blog:

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Shannon II

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